The Georgian restaurants Tbiliso is a combination of style and the best gastronomic traditions of Georgia. A place where a cozy atmosphere and warm conversations are one. And hospitality is felt from the first step. The restaurant's menu includes traditional Georgian dishes and their modern variations.
A popular Tuesday action in Tbiliso is KHINKALI DAY.
Every Tuesday, every second serving of khinkali is a gift. Order one serving of khinkali, and get the second, the same, for free!
Participating in the action:
- khinkali with cheese and herbs;
- khinkali with veal and pork;
- khinkali with veal;
- khinkali with pork;
- khinkali with lamb.

The offer cannot be combined with other promotions and special offers.
Tbiliso restaurant. 2nd floor, near the central fountain.
+38 067 007 76 61