Star Burger

Star Burger combines the best features of street burger, exemplary restaurants and trendy bars.

Here you can eat tasty and fast, meet with colleagues and friends, celebrate the event in a noisy company, spend time with family and children.

When they say about Star Burger:

Burger - certified Ukrainian meat, prepared on a special grill.

Bun - a secret recipe for a potato bun made from Ukrainian flour, which Isaac Correa developed, in conjunction with the STAR team.

Starfrais is the most delicious potato, with parmesan and rosemary + sea salt

Menu - the team worked on the menu and Isaac about 10 months. Many dishes for vegetarians. Developed a menu for children. Steaks, salads, appetizers and over 20 kinds of favorite burgers.

UNLIMITED Drinks - drink as much as you want for a fixed price: hot and cold drinks.