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О'STIN is an international clothing brand that is a leader in fashion retail. O'STIN offers buyers high quality casual clothing and accessories, including women's, men's and children's products. O'STIN images are always up-to-date, modern and practical.

Each collection has several clothing lines:


O'STIN Casual - the basic assortment for every day: stylish, comfortable and practical clothes. It is a key part of the collection.


O'STIN Denim is a denim clothing line. Represents a wide selection of women's and men's denim models. From classic to trendy models: jeans, shorts, jackets and overalls.


O'STIN Studio is a youth line. The most fashionable and bold part of the collection, which reflects the current trends in fabrics, prints and silhouettes.


O'STIN Kids is a children's collection for ages 1 to 14. Includes bright, functional, easy-to-care clothing made mostly of natural fabrics.


Today O'STIN is a network that includes 39 retail stores across Ukraine. At O'STIN, every buyer can find an interesting offer.