Friends café

Who is Friends café? Everything is simple. We are the first and only in Ukraine cafe for fans, and not only, of the same series Friends. Forget about everyone else, because ...

We follow all the preferences of world-famous 6 friends. Comfortable sofa, relaxed atmosphere and delicious cuisine, as Joey loves, and Monica recipes.

Friends café is a true friend for everyone and a great family for everyone. We can spend hours dreaming about the future and planning weekends on Fridays. We wholeheartedly support any crazy idea, and the methods of its implementation will remain only between us.

Friends cafe combines the character of each of the friends. So personally, you will find the most delicious for yourself. Burgers, sandwiches, delicious and healthy salads from Rachel, savory snacks and a huge selection of drinks for the most discerning.

Friends, are you still deciding whether to visit us?

We are already waiting for you! See you…